I want to use online tool or application as part of my course. However, I am worried that it is a violation of FERPA. What should I do?

A teacher should first check with their school/district administration to see if that application or service is approved for use in the classroom.  Any applications or services that collect personally identifiable information (PII) from students’ education records under the school officials exception to prior consent in FERPA must:

  • Provides a service or function that the school would otherwise use its own staff
  • Be under the direct control of the school with regard to the use and maintenance of the PII from education records
  • Collection and use of the PII must be consistent with the school or district’s annual notification of rights under FERPA
  • Not re-disclose or use the education data for unauthorized purposes.

Remember that the use of some applications or services may introduce security or privacy vulnerabilities into the school or districts IT systems.  Teachers should always consult their IT representatives to discuss the use of these types of software tools prior to use to ensure compliance with FERPA requirements and promote a safe, secure computing environment. 

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