Must the SEA record the redisclosure of education records to the Child Welfare Agency (CWA) or tribal organization?

Yes.  Section 99.32(b)(2)(i) of the FERPA regulations generally requires that an SEA that makes further disclosures of personally identifiable information (PII) from education records must record the names of the additional parties (e.g., the CWA) to which it discloses PII from education records on behalf of the LEA and their legitimate interests in the information under FERPA.  However, the SEA would not have to make a record of the redisclosure if the LEA had made a record of the disclosure to the SEA and included in that record the name of the CWA or tribal organization and its legitimate interest (i.e., to permit the CWA or tribal organization to address the education needs of the child) to which the additional disclosure of the education records would be made.

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